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Brandon J., Tampa, FL

After Jaw Surgery, Full Video Log coming soon!

Hello fellow jaw surgery survivors and potential patients-to-be!

I’ve been meaning to launch this blog for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten it started. I had a pretty major surgery (even by jaw surgery standards) where both my upper and lower jaws were moved about 3 feet each (if you aren’t familiar with sarcasm or exaggeration, I suggest you find a duller jaw surgery blog now…).

I’ve been keeping a video log of the entire process: daily for the initial period right after surgery and weekly/monthly as time went on and changes were less dramatic.

It’s now been a little over a year since the surgery (though it’s been about 3 years since the preparation process began), and I’m now fully healed, braces-free, and have all the feeling back in my face.

I haven’t come across another jaw surgery video log quite as extensive as the one I’m putting together here, and I know I would have loved to see someone else go through this process in so much detail, so I hope that others considering a similar procedure will be able to learn from this blog.

I’m getting all of the videos converted and ready for upload now, so I plan to have the entire blog live and complete by the end of the month (January 2009).

Be sure to subscribe here in the meantime, so you’ll know first about the latest updates.

You can also check out a brief summary and a sneak peak of my “after” pics on my bio page.

Of course, I’ll be here to answer any questions and respond to any comments you may have, so feel free to get the discussion started in the comment section now, and keep on me to make sure I get things finished as soon as possible!

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  • Q

    Hi my name is q I havbe a few question for y

    1. Did y totally have your jaws wires shut from left to right please explain?

    2. B eing on your liquid diet how much weight did y lose?
    1. While on your liquid diet did y ever get weak by not
    having solid food?
    2. can y elaborate what was your feeding procedure like?
    how did y get the liquid down your throat by straw or what
    method did y use?

    3. Was the wiring plus the braces heavy inside your mouth explain?
    1. did y ever get cuts & scraps inside your mouth explain?

    PS: leave me your email for farther questions Thanks q

  • Hi Q,

    1. Yes, my jaws were totally wired shut all the way around. Technically, they are “banded” together with tiny rubber bands, but there is no stretching or movement possible. Everyone is wired shut for different lengths of time, depending on severity of your surgery, but I was wired shut for 5 weeks.

    2. During those 5 weeks of being on an all liquid diet, I lost about 20 pounds overall.

    1. Even though I lost quite a bit of weight, I wouldn’t say I ever felt weak from lack of food, because I was still getting plenty of calories and protein from Ensure’s, peanut butter, and protein shakes.

    2. You’re not supposed to suck through a straw soon after surgery, because it could open some of the wounds in your mouth and/or lead to infection. So, instead, the recommended procedure is to use a special syringe, but instead of a needle on the end, it has a straw-like tube. You fill the syringe with soft food (some of my favorites were apple sauce, yogurt, and watered-down peanut butter), then you run the tube down the side of your mouth (between your closed teeth and your cheek), and squeeze the syringe, so the food squirts right behind the gap after your last tooth and down your throat. It sounds pretty complicated, but it’s really not when you actually do it.

    3. No, I didn’t notice any weight different between the extra wiring or just the braces.

    1. I got small cuts and nicks on the inside of my cheeks while wearing braces, but I think that’s pretty common, and it didn’t have anything to do with the wiring after surgery. In fact, I got less nicks while wired shut, simply because I wasn’t able to chew or move my teeth.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know.

  • Steve

    Thanks for coming out with this! My girlfriend is about to go through
    this in about a month or so, whenever she gets an appointment with the surgeon. Hers is related somewhat to the lining of the jaws I guess, but the main reason for her getting it or wanting to go through with it is so her airway will open up, and prevent the problems she’s been having with her sleep apnia, and sleeping in general. I haven’t checked out all of your videos before and after, but if they’re not too bad I’m gonna let Laura check it out because she is really stressed out about all of the limitations she’s going to soon face. Thanks again.


  • My pleasure, Steve, send her over, and if she has any questions, I’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Paige

    Hi, I had upper and lower jaw surgery June 17, 2009 for lengthening. I was wondering how long it took for your feeling in your lips to come back? My upper lip came back, but my bottom lip and chin are still numb!

  • Hi Paige,

    Congrats on a successful surgery!

    For me, it took up to 6 months to get most of the feeling back in my lips, and over a year for all of it, so it’s completely normal to not have it back so soon.

    Just hang in there and try not to drool too much like I did in the meantime, haha.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know, and best of luck with the rest of your recovery.

  • merilyn

    Just had surgery on Tues July 21st, 09 to bring my lower jaw forward. Was concerned that wiring would be better that rubber bands as I can actually move my jaw slightly, although I’m trying hard not to. somtimes it just happens. How soon should I go back to work? I work directly with the public, at the airport, so quite swollen and bruised right now. A bit depressed also……

  • Hi Merilyn,

    Your question has been posted and answered here:


    Comments are now closed on the post to keep things more organized, so if anyone else has any other questions/comments, please post them in the forums here, and I’ll see you there!: