After Jaw Surgery – Week 57: Picked up the dental retainers…

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  • rncdc Link

    I had lower jaw advancement 9 days ago. I think I am doing great. Most of my swelling and bruising is gone and I am only a slight shade of green in places. I have a slight headache all the time and ear pain on the left side and occasional popping. I have burning/tingling in my lips, chin, etc. Is this the feeling coming back? The only other issue is sleeping which I am not doing. I panic that things will break apart or that I will somehow hurt myself and I will have to have things redone. I have my second post op check-up in 4 days and will probably go back to work at least part time. Any suggestions on relaxing so that I can sleep? Am I going crazy?

  • Congrats on a successful surgery! Yes, that sounds like everything is just waking up and completely normal. Same thing for sleeping and the anxiety, a lot of people experience that after surgery and it too will pass. Most people feel better after getting reassurance from the surgeon too, so be sure to ask any questions you have at your appointment, which should be tomorrow now right?

  • Tara baker student Link

    Hey brandon,
    WOW you must have felt like a new person at this point! How long did it take for your mouth to feel normal again? I know when I had all of my dental work done that we talked about it took me a good 2 months to feel normal again.

  • Hey Tara,

    It took about 6 months for everything to really feel normal again and get back to feeling confident with regular foods.