After Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery – Month 13: Braces are GONE baby!

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  • Mikaela

    you look really good after this surgery

  • Thanks Mikaela!

  • Michael

    I am starting to have this process done and wanted to say how inspiring your story is for me. I am at the start of the braces phase, so my story is all in the future: Im definitely dreading the liquid diet part the most. I watched this video in jealous awe – congratulations that everything has worked out so incredibly well for you.

  • Thanks Michael! I know it seems like a long road, but it really will be over before you know it, good luck, and if you have any questions along the way just ask.

    Hope to see you on the forums too with updates on your journey

  • Mikaela

    How long were you numb for?

  • It varies a lot from person to person, but I was personally numb almost completely for the first few weeks, then slowly regained feeling over the next year.

    I was back to pretty much normal after a few months, but a few small spots didn’t come back until the 6-12 month mark.

  • Okay, so I am about to go through this process. I currently have an open and over bite, which only allows me to chew with 8 teeth. I have terrible TMJ, my pain is horrible. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and can barely open my mouth. Other times I have severe pain in my ears. Anyways, the orthodontist thinks that getting braces and then having upper and lower jaw surgery is the best option for me. I am pretty scared for this. I will be getting braces this coming Thursday. If anyone has any advice for me or to make this process better, please let me know!

  • It’s definitely a scary process Heather, but even more worth it in the end for most. Drop by the forums where there is a whole community of patients just like you to help support and answer any questions you might have here:

  • Heather

    Thanks Brandon, I will check it out! Do you happen to know the percentage of patients that lose feeling forever? I’m most nervous about that.

  • Hi, My name is Chloe Cannon.
    Next June/July I will be having major upper and lower jaw surgery to correct my bite and size of my lower jaw. And I am so nervous about it, this is one of my biggest surgries I have ever had in my life.. Can I have some advice on how to know if this surgery is the right one for me, another reason why I am really nervous is because I have learning disabilites and speacial needs. I have known that I need surgery for about 5 years abotu now I really need to make my decision about it.
    I also have a question.
    With upper and lower jaw surgery, I am having my lower wisdom teeth removed. is that nromal with having major upper and lower jaw surgery???
    Thanks Chloe x

  • Having wisdom teeth removed is definitely normal and quite common before the surgery, some people even have it done during the surgery, best of luck with everything and feel free to browse the forums to learn from others or ask more questions here:

  • Eric

    Hey Brandon, thanks for your videos man. I’m currently 10 weeks post op from my double upper/lower to fix my open bite. Your videos are inspirational, and definitely helped me pull through the initial recovery there. Watching this video is great motivation to keep going through the home stretch here.

    A couple numbness-related questions though. First, my entire upper gums are still numb. Not the roof of my mouth, but the front of my gums above my teeth. Is this something you experienced? Due to the amount of gums still numb, I’ve become concerned it’s permanent; however, it’s really more of an inconvenience.

    Also, I was surprised by how my lips never really were numb after my surgery, except for one spot in the center of my lower lip that is still numb after 10 weeks. Did you experience anything similar, and does this sound like the type of numbness that is likely to dissipate over time?


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