Corrective Jaw Surgery Before and After Pics Contest Winner

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Smile

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Smile

First, since there seemed to be a little confusion, let me make clear that this corrective jaw surgery contest was never about judging the best transformation, but rather to get people to submit their before and after photos, then selecting a completely random “winner” of the $20 Amazon Gift Card.

There were 13 official entries in the Before and After Pics forum, and they were all great, so thank you so much again to those that submitted. Now we’ve got the foundation of one unified place where future patients can come and see the potential results from real people.

The best part is the diversity of all the submissions, because there are younger, older, male, female, upper jaw, lower jaw, double jaw, you name it!

For complete transparency of how I chose the random winner, here was my process:

I assigned each of the 13 contestants a number of 1-13, then I went to, entered minimum number of 1, maximum number of 13, clicked Generate, and the result was number 1.

The winning number matched up to Becca.

These are after only 4 weeks post-surgery, so she is healing very quickly, and her swelling is going down very well:

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Profile

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Profile

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Profile

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Profile

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Bite

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Bite

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Bite

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Bite

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Front

Before Corrective Jaw Surgery: Front

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Front

After Corrective Jaw Surgery: Front

Thank you again so much to everyone who helped add to the community, and congratulations on some amazing results and transformations!

You can see here all the Before and After Pics

I’ll try to come up with some more contests too, so if you have any ideas, just let me know.

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  • Thanks so much! you have a great blog and forum! definitely a great way for all of us jaw surgery victims to connect!

  • juliana

    Hi Brandon, Im fr Singapore and was feeling pretty depressed abt my face after my upper and lower jaw surgery done 2 mths back. Im so glad to have come across this site and get to read abt stories and the experiences from pple who had undergone jaw surgery like me.

    This blog has provided me with info which cleared a lot of my doubts and uncertainities. It has been encouraging to know abt the successful cases and know tat im not alone in this. =)

    Anyway, i just wanna thank you for creating such a great blog. please keep this going! Anwyay u look great after the surgery and braces out!

  • My pleasure, Juliana, thank you for the kind words, and congratulations on a successful surgery!

  • Niamh

    Hi i am due to undergo maxillofacial surgery plus rhinoplasty this august and with your before and after pictures and advise. I am less worried thank you (:

  • My pleasure Niamh, glad I could help, and best of luck with your surgery!

  • Nina M

    Having this surgery done in 20 days. Very nervous but its been a long journey had braces and faces masks and mouth guards from 4th grade to my freshman year in high school. Then near the end of my senior year we decided to go fourth with the surgery and put the braces back on. Now as a freshman in college I am finally there. Any info as to what I’m in for after surgery pain wise… according to my surgeon my mouth won’t be wired shut, i don’t know if some of you were. Also did it change your faces how you expected or did it fall short.. anything would help I’m kinda of nervous because my surgeon really didn’t give me much details.

  • Congrats on finally making it this far Nina. These questions vary for everyone, but you can get a bunch of different perspectives from different patients on the forums here:

  • Edward Silva

    Thanks man for your time in putting this Blog together.. I think it it is worth to say it does help people… A LOT! I’m in the starting process. I have seen 2 orthodontist and going for the third one next week. Then in January I’ll meet the first surgeon in january. My problem is that I have my lower jaw back. I need to move them forward, I guess 6 mm.. Anyways I have to confess I’m a bit nervous but excited and hoping to get this done.

    Wish me luck!

    Cheers man!

  • My pleasure, and I always love to hear that it’s helping! Good luck with everything, and hope to see you on the forums with all the other patients here:

  • matthew

    Hi, thanks for the blog, I’ve just had my surgery 2 weeks ago, already the majority of the swelling has gone and i’m completely off all pain medication. The doctors are extremely pleased with result, only concern for me is the swelling around my neck and nose, I can’t tell whether they are the permenant end result or just swollen. If you wouldn’t mind sharing: how long did it take for all swelling in those areas to go? and did the surgery actually change the shape of your nose at all? Because I am a little concerned. Thanks

  • Congrats on a successful surgery Matthew and the swelling and nose issue is one of the most popular concerns I hear about. Honestly, it varies so much from person to person, there isn’t any hard and fast answer. The best thing you can do is post your details and/or before/after pics on the forums and there’s likely someone else on there that was in a similar situation that can shed some more light on things for you:

  • Brandon
    you can have a look at my befor and during and after pics
    and you can see the differance of my appearance 🙂
    the fourm call jaw surgery march 16 2006 i had it 17 before, during,after 🙂
    i hope you like them

  • I just wana ask, i m in my first step of treatment but i m so worried cz i have athin face and my lower jaw is back so after the surgery , will i have alonger face ????

  • It’s tough to say without knowing anything about your case or you specifically, but you can see some example pictures and ask more questions on the forums here:

  • Congrats Shazza and thanks for sharing!

  • syuhada

    hye. im from malaysia. now i in the process to do a major surgery on july /august 2015. here ive one question, my nose is a bit fluffy , will it be more fluffy after the surgery?

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