Corrective Jaw Surgery Video – Best explanation I’ve seen yet

This video is an excellent visual demonstration of corrective jaw surgery, specifically upper and lower, which is what I had.

Don’t worry, it’s a digital rendering, so there’s nothing gruesome, but it’s amazing to actually see exactly what happens, where the surgeons cut, how they put it back together, and everything, all in about 60 seconds.

Check it out, and let me know if it was as eye-opening for you as it was for me:

They have a few other videos on YouTube too, if you want to browse around on their channel, but this one really stood out, so I wanted to highlight it here.

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  • Candy

    Great video, I’m going to send it to one of my friends getting this surgery!

  • Thanks, Candy! Definitely pass it on, and tell your friend to join us on the forums if they have any questions or just want to talk about the process:

  • Nicole

    This is a great video! It really helped me visualize the process. Thank you.

  • My pleasure Nicole!

  • Michelle Tasker

    I have just had this operation done, but in reverse ( front jaw forward, lower jaw back). This has really helped me understand what was done as I was having trouble visualising it, despite my surgeon being great and going through everything with me. I’m off to youtube now to look up more!

  • Congrats on a successful surgery Michelle and glad this site could help!

  • Bobby

    I haved Corrective Jaw Surgery since 12 years. Does the clamps/pins come out… or is it something that remains with one for ever?…Does anyone know? Please also advice me on who to see on this matter.

  • Some people have them removed Bobby, but I think the majority of people leave them in. From what I’ve heard, removal seems to be more common in Europe than in the US.

  • fiona

    thank you for this 🙂 im 17 and going to be having jaw surgery,how long does the entire procedure take from the start to recovery? and what happens afterwards? do i get screws in my jaw, and how long will it take to recover and for my face to look normal??

  • Faith

    I am 15 years old and I am having this surgery on the 20th this month and i have no idea what to expect and i’m a little nervous on what to expect. My mom said that since i wont be able to eat regurly that i will loose weight is this true? And do you have any advice for me going into this surgery?

  • As long as you have confidence and are comfortable with your team of doctors, you should be fine. Yes, you can usually expect to lose some weight during the recovery phase, but should also quickly return to normal when you’re able to eat normally again. Best of luck with your surgery, and be sure to drop by the forums for lots of support from the whole community of patients just like you here:

  • Kristen Fanning

    Great video! I had to get Bi-Jaw Surgery, too becuase my right side of the lower jawline was longer than the left and the right side of my upper jaw was tilted more downwards than the left side. So, my surgeon broke my upper jaw 2 times and my lower jaw on both sides just to move it over. For extras, I got my last 2 wisdom teeth removed and my gumline cut since the right side had more gum. The results turned out great and this occured on 11/15/11. I got this done so my smile would look healthier and that nobody can call me Popeye anymore.

  • Thanks Kristen and congrats on a successful surgery to you too!

    Be sure to share your story on the forums for the benefit of others that may be going through a similar surgery here:

  • Hey you guys my name is Diangely im 17 and about to have my first surgery consult April,24,12 I been with my jaw dislocated since I was a child wich was a big challenge to go thru as I grew up ppl making fun of me at school calling me a few hurtful namesbut yeah rather than that I tought mu jaw condition was kind of unique since I dint knew anyone else with it not even my identical twin sist have it so my maxillofacial gave me some advice on searching online N thats how I found this amazing site an im amuzed by it n dont feel diffrent any more realizing theres other ppl going trhu the same condition as I amN theres actually support N a resolution. Thanx so much to every single one of u guts ^_^

  • Thanks so much D, hope everything went well with your surgery and would love for you to share your experience with others on the forums here:

  • kelli

    My daughter has ICR and we are being told she needs a TJR. She’s only 14 and I am so scared to remove her jaw joints at such a young age. There’s no turning back. Do you or anyone know of any alternatives? Thank you,

  • Yolanda Whiteside

    Hi my name is Yolanda Whiteside. A lot of people writing me about the jaw surgery. I need dentist that can do my surgery that take my my insurance blue cross community mmai Medicare and Medicaid plan or do a trial on me.

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