Nose and Smile Asymmetry

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Postby Rebecca » Sat May 22, 2010 7:30 pm

I am 18 months post-op after having my upper jaw moved slightly out and down to alleviate severe TMJ pain. My facial features, in particular my nose and smile, were very symmetrical pre-op. I was told that my nose might be a bit wider post-op and I would likely have a longer upper lip.

However the surgery also resulted in a severely crooked smile and nose (when smiling). Both slant up on the left side. I had my plates removed a couple of months ago in an effort to regain symmetry, but it has not generated the desired result. My face in repose appears "normal", but severely crooked when smiling. I consulted a plastic surgeon who advised that the jaw/lip stitching was beautiful and therefore not causing the problem. And unfortunately, rhinoplasty isn't an option since it is a static surgery. My nose is only uneven when smiling (it's off by about a 1/4 inch! thus making my smile uneven by about the same amount). He advised that botox could potentially assist in lowering the left side of my face, but I'd prefer a more permanent solution.

Aside from the aesthetics, I am very pleased with the success of the surgery since I no longer have TMJ pain and can once again laugh without discomfort, talk without slurring, and eat steak without jaw popping. However, I am VERY displeased with my appearance now. I previously had a big, beautiful smile and slender symmetrical nose. I am now extremely self-conscience, relunctant to smile, and feel like a distorted Piccaso painting.

Has anyone had this type of side-effect or complication? If so, do you know what caused it and if there's any way to correct it?

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Postby jasonc » Sun May 23, 2010 6:48 am

Well I'm only 3 days post op but before surgery I did have a face that did lack symmetry (pretty much the entire right side of my face was slanted down (eyes, nostril, ear, etc) and I am def self conscious about it, especially in photos where it is noticed a lot more. My surgeon noticed this asymmetry and would I guess try to correct it but looking at my face now I can still see it. Sorry I don't have the magic solution for you, but hopefully you either do find your answer, or just end up living with the current results.

All I can really say about what you should is: live with it! I know your confidence might be hurt a little by it but u can practice hiding it in pictures. Slant your smile back up so it'll look better. Sorry

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Postby Juan » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:47 pm

i have been very uneasy about what may happen to my nose after the surgery,especially cause it's almost the only feature i like about my face. My surgeon mentioned something about my nose being a bit long in ouer second appointment, but i was realatively new to the whole surgery thing so i wasn't sure what he was trying to say. God bless Brandon for the idea of this blog, haha. So i wonder, Is my nose going to be permanently affected by the change of my jaw (I'll get upper and lower) or is it a temporary condition due to swelling? is that change going to be so discouraging that i will regret having surgery done? I can't help but being self concious when i look in the mirror and try to predict the changes that may come with surgery. Also, the dr said that since im pretty heavy right now he couldn't be too drastic in the retraction of my jaw cause i have a doble chin. Can anyone enlighten my knowledge about this too?

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Postby hbbunny » Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:35 am

I know this is a late reply but its something I have thought a lot about since my surgery in 2006. I suffer your same problem :( And i have a slight slant to my smile (nose not as noticeable but I can notice it).... I absolutely hate it because I didn't have this BEFORE my surgery...and of course neither the orthodontist or my oral surgeon *saw anything* wrong and wouldn't take any of kind of measures to fix or actually take responsibility for it :-/ any who..I am very self conscious of it :(

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Postby sashaminx » Wed May 30, 2012 8:12 am nose is wider and i had a perfect nose. I had my surgery 22 days ago and i thought that it'd get better by the time swelling goes down....after reading these articles I'm so afraid its not....also my smile is slanted....I'm really scared is there no solution or should I be worried. I really need to talk to my doc. If there's anything that you guys can tell me to keep me from worrying please do so.

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