Get your Questions In and I’ll Video Answer Them

Hi all!

Hope everyone’s doing well wherever you are in the jaw surgery process, whether it’s just deciding to begin, pre-surgery or recovering after surgery.

I’d like to try out a new feature where I would answer your questions in video format. Depending on how this first one goes, I could do them once a week or once or month.

All you have to do is post your number one question in the comments below, and I’ll try and include it, along with my answer, in the first video.

So, if you could only ask ONE question about jaw surgery, what would YOURS be?

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  • Anastasia

    Hi, I had upper jaw surgery & a genioplasty on September 25th. The first 3-4 days were awful and I experienced a lot of regret, doubt, and depression (even having a couple of breakdowns). I felt trapped in my own face. Luckily I’m well past that point at day 6, but I’m wondering if you had any similar experiences during your recovery?

  • Sha

    After your jaw surgery, how did people, who don’t know that u went for surgery, react when they saw you? And how did you answer their questions?

  • sara

    Ever since the surgery, I have ringing in my right ear. And my ear feels a little bit muffled. I am so scared that I have develloped Tinnitus.
    Could you please help me on this? Thank, you so much.

  • Cleta

    I am number 1. Met with an oral surgeon today. We are going to try a few things to eliviate tmj pain then meet again in December. He thinks I will need surgery and braces.

  • Anita

    I’m in the early stages of considering what would likely be double jaw surgery. I’ve seen a couple of orthodontists and I have an appointment with an OS on Wednesday – Dr. Tocchio in Toronto. Has anyone had him for their surgery?

    I’m also wondering about age. I’m 54. How does healing compare to that of a younger person? I’m quite anxious about the pain and burning of nerve regeneration and other pain related to the surgery.

    Having a little vanity, I’ve heard that we can end up with a lot more loose skin and wrinkles because the skin doesn’t have the same elasticity as in a younger person.

    Anita R.

  • Jen

    How did you choose your surgeon? Where you confident with your choice before surgery? Who do you think are the top 4 or 5 surgeons in California?

  • Molly Hill

    I can’t get my jaw surgery paid for. The insurance won’t cover it, and we can’t pay for it. I am in constant pain and I just need some sort of solution. I am 17 and I have been waiting for it for years.

  • Susan Nehama

    My daughter’s orthodontists at Columbia Dental School have suggested she gets jaw surgery before braces (she is in a ton of pain all
    The time). Has anyone else had it done this way?

  • Susan Nehama

    Never mind. They are back to the normal plan again.

  • loulla potsos

    Hello Brandon. Had double jaw surgery and genio 3 months ago (counterclockwise face rotation) and now everything looks so different. Cheekbones have disappeared and face looks longer and out of proportion. Can this be reversed?

  • Hi Jen, I loved my surgeon (Dr. Wlodawsky) and my ortho (Dr. Chip Anderson) and I was very confident in both of them. I had my surgery done in Richmond, Virginia though, so on the complete opposite coast from you…

  • I’ve never heard of them doing it the other way around Susan, but glad to hear that they are back to the normal plan and best of luck to you and your daughter!

  • Hello Loulla, 3 months is still very early in the recovery process. My face was still changing and settling several months after and beyond…

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