Jaw Surgery – Day 36: Finally not wired shut!

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  • Sarah Link

    Hey Brandon, I have to say that your blog has helped me ease the frustration of this entire process. All in all, everything went absolutely well with my surgery, I did not have to be wired but the surgery did go on for about 9 hours. Last Saturday made it 5 weeks and really I have to be thankful for not having much pain, for me, the first 4 days I had some and needed pain killer and thereafter there was on and off pain and when i tired the exercises of opening and closing in the third week, I got some major headaches but then started on some muscle relaxers, Beserol and that helped quite a bit. I can still open only to one finger’s space but I figure when i start eating, well using my jaws to eat that would help the get the muscles going again and not be so tight.

    So thanks again for the information you have posted and the time invested in actually creating the blog, much appreciated. Glad that everything is well with you and you do look fantastic.

    Tell me something if you can, I have read about residual swelling and spoke to my doctor about it and I mean I am getting married Dec 18th this year and did the surgery June 26th and now today at week 5 Day 2 the swelling is improving but at a much slower rate which I know is pretty expected. It actually looks sort of like the swelling you had when you just got most of the wires off (day 29 for you)…how long did it take for your face to more or less look the way you look now? do you reckon i would be picture ready in terms of swelling by the wedding (it would have been 6 months by then).

    thanks much,

  • Congrats on a successful surgery, Sarah!

    My swelling was mostly gone at 6 months, enough for most people to not even notice. The final little bit slowly went away, and I was really back to completely normal around the 1 year mark, but from 6 months to a year there was really minimal change, so you should be fine by then for the big day.

    Thanks, and good luck with the rest of recovery and the wedding!