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You don’t have to do this alone. There are thousands of us out there. Past, present, and future jaw surgery patients finally coming to together in one place to share their stories and experiences and help each other along every step of the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are scared and don’t even know if you want to go through with the surgery, or if you are just about to have the surgery, or have already completed it and are in the recovery stage. There is someone else inside that is in your same situation.

You may have already heard my story, but I’ll share a summary of it here, then I want to hear YOUR story next:

It’s 7am, the day of my jaw surgery, and I’m terrified.

I’ve been waiting and preparing for this day for over 18 months and it’s finally here.

I’m freezing, hospitals are always cold, but I’m sweating and my heart is pumping a million miles an hour.

Am I doing the right thing? Are my results going to be what I want? Am I going to make it through the surgery and wake up?

The nurse is about to take my blood pressure, and I’m worried she’s going to say it’s too high, am I too young to have a heart attack?

Next thing I know they are wheeling me back on a metal table, the metal table is SO cold and I can just barely make out the lights above me as I drift in and out of consciousness…

(…over 7 hours later…)

…I’m just waking up in the hospital on the day of my jaw surgery, it’s a strange feeling coming out of anesthesia, very different than regular sleeping.

I look around to make sure I’m still alive and survived the surgery…

So far, so good, but wow it’s late, my surgery lasted a long time, several hours, is that normal?

I finally see a nurse’s face hover over me and she assures me everything is ok, I made it!

A year and a half of pre-surgery appointments and preparations and now it’s done, but one of the toughest parts, the recovery, is just beginning.

I stay in the hospital for 2 days for general monitoring to ensure everything is healing as it should, the morphine drip helps mask any pain I might feel after having my jaw sawed into pieces and bolted back together.

If I thought the first 18 months were long, the 18 months after would be even longer.

But I had been recording this entire experience from start to finish for my own sanity, just a way to keep focused on the end goal in such a long journey.

I had no idea how many other people go through this surgery every day and how many of those people would benefit from me sharing my experience.

Back when I had mine, there weren’t as many resources online to help guide me through the process, so I was just wandering through it.

But now, I have built an entire community of past, present, and future jaw surgery patients that have come together to share their stories and answer questions that I know you have.

How long does it take from start to finish? Do I have to get braces? How much does it cost? Will my insurance cover it? Who is the best surgeon? How long will the swelling last?

All of these questions and more are answered inside.

I also recorded over 30 video blogs before, during and after my surgery to document the entire process from how I looked before surgery with a major underbite and crossbite, to my HUGE swollen crazy face right after surgery, all the way through to my swelling slowly going down over the next months.

I want to give you access to watch all of those videos from beginning to end as I share my candid feelings every step of the way, so you can know exactly what to expect during your surgery and recovery.

Every time I hear from someone how much my site and videos and community have helped them get through their own successful jaw surgery, it feels amazing.

“I don’t know what I would have done without your site, I probably wouldn’t even have done through with the surgery because I just had too many questions and concerns. Thanks! -Jacqueline S.”

“Wow! Your video blogs were scary but it was comforting to see that you were still able to get around a bit even when your face was the size of a big pumpkin! LOL Mine was that big too but my swelling went down a bit faster than yours, thanks for sharing, I would be way too embarrassed to post videos of me looking like that 🙂 -Theo D.”

“Thank you for all the help you’ve given me and answers and even more from the forums, I learned so much there from others and it’s great to know and be able to talk to so many other people going through the same thing I am! -Sara K.”

No matter where you are in your jaw surgery journey, I know this website can help you.

Inside the Jaw Surgery Community, you’re going to get instant and unlimited access to:

#1.) The Jaw Surgery Community Forums

Join thousands of past, present, and future jaw surgery patients coming together in one place to share their stories and experiences, asking and answering your questions. It’s one thing to hear from one person like me, but I can only share exactly what happened during my experience. The beauty of the forums is that you get to read about hundreds and hundreds of other people’s experiences and one of them is going to be very similar to yours. Read through thousands of posts and topics and view people’s before/after photos of their own surgery. There are members from all over the world, so ask around and see which surgeon in your area that people have used and much, much more!

#2.) All 30+ of my personal video blogs

I recorded over 30 videos of myself before, during, and after surgery. Warning! It gets a little graphic those first few days after surgery and can be a bit scary to see what you might look like right after the operation, but I hope it helps that you can also skim through and watch as my swelling goes down and my results take shape throughout my recovery. I never had any intention of sharing these videos when I was recording them, but people have loved that they can literally watch someone go through the process from start to finish, so they can know what to expect along the way in their own jaw surgery journey.

#3.) Personal and direct access to me

The forums are still the best place to get your questions answered by an entire community with different perspectives and ideas, but I know sometimes you just want to talk to a real person one-on-one, or maybe you have a private matter that you rather not discuss publicly, so I’m also going to give you my personal email address and Skype username for you to contact me directly anytime.

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…and much more!

It’s ok to be scared. This is a long and scary process, but it doesn’t have to be so bad with the help and support of an entire community of other jaw surgery patients behind you.

Don’t go through this alone, or maybe you won’t even have to go through it at all. There have been many people that have changed their mind for good reason and decided not to have the surgery after learning more about their specific situation inside. What a relief when they realize that there are other options for them, thanks to the information they discovered here.

Every person’s needs and desires are different, and that’s what makes the community so powerful and so helpful. We understand what you’re going through.

So come join us, let’s work through this together, because two jaws are better than one! 🙂

You get all this and more for only a small one-time fee of $27 to help cover the costs of putting together and running this project, then you’ll have unlimited lifetime access to it all.

See you inside!

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