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Like a horse and carriage, braces go with jaw surgery. For me, they were one of the more frustrating and seemingly never-ending parts of the process, but a necessity nonetheless.

And before I scare you off, they really weren’t that bad, just being melodramatic.

I was lucky enough to have a smooth and relatively painless surgery, which helped the braces achieve their least-favorite-part-of-the-process award.

While this site covers every aspect of Jaw Surgery, from start to finish, there are also a lot of resources out there that specialize in just specific parts of the process. is one such site, encompassing everything there is to know about mouths of metal (and yes, even invisible aligners too).

They cover everything from braces cost, braces insurance, and an awesome forum to talk with tons of other brace-faces from around the world.

If forums aren’t your thing, has a library of articles covering all the most frequently asked questions.

There’s even an orthodontist directory to help you get started and find a doctor in your area.

So, whether you’re just thinking about getting braces, you already have them, or you’ve been there done that and just want to help those following in your footsteps, is an excellent resource that you should check out.

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  • Tara baker student Link

    Hi brandon, I was wondering did you have to prepay for your procedure? How many preparatory procedures are required and if they are required will an individuals insurance cover them?

  • Hi Tara,

    For the surgery, I think it was about a $300 deductible before, and the only preparatory procedure I needed was having my wisdom teeth removed, though some others need other work done like a palate expansion, for example. With the way insurance varies from person to person, I can’t say one answer for what’s covered, but my insurance was great in covering the bulk of my surgery costs.