Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery – Week 10: Chopped all of my hair off!

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  • Danielle Link


    I am amazed by the last video you posted how diffrent you know look!

    I just had lower Jaw Surgery on Tuesday so 4 days later I feel bit down sometimes weak but your videos have cheered me up as can see the results.How long did it take till you could do normal day to day things? did you also feel weak at times?

    Dan from UK 🙂

  • Congrats on a successful surgery, Dan!

    I definitely felt weak at times and uncomfortable, but I stayed positive throughout, which really helped.

    The first week is the toughest by far, and you’ve already made it through the first few nights, so you’ll be fine.

    It takes a while to get completely back to normal in terms of eating, working out, etc., but for me it was a gradual increase from the 3-month mark to the 1-year mark, which is well worth it, considering you enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life!

  • Sarah Link

    I definitely agree, the main this is to always stay positive. I am so accustomed to being out and about and so full of confidence (well with the exception of my side profile before the surgery, lol) and now today makes it day 37 and I still have quite a bit of swelling which makes me honestly look like I am 14 (I’m 27) but hey, learning to live with it and I’m going to be positive as i know the swelling will definitely go down with time!!! Thanks Brandon for your useful insight and for taking the time to share your knowledge with others!!!

  • Great attitude, Sarah, and you’re well past the toughest part, so good luck with the rest of recovery!