What Is Rhinoplasty And What Can You Expect After This Procedure?

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What Is Rhinoplasty And What Can You Expect After This Procedure?

A rhinoplasty is either performed for cosmetic reasons and according to personal preference or is done for medical reasons. This type of surgery, on average, is going to cost about $10k. Naturally, the surgeon you choose is going to factor into the price, as will all the other associated fees. During an initial consultation, you will be provided with a breakdown of the fees.

You will also be able to ask all your questions in relation to the procedure and your individual requests. While a rhinoplasty is typically referred to as a nose job, it’s also important to mention that this reconstructive surgery can provide for better functioning of the nasal passages. In other words, it’s about function and not just form, in some cases.

It all depends on whether or not you are opting for rhinoplasty for medical reasons or for cosmetic concerns. What can you expect when it comes to a rhinoplasty? What are the associated risks? What recovery time is there for this type of procedure?

Are you familiar with a nasal splint? That may sound funny right now if you know what a splint is, but they are typically worn post surgery for about a week. Swelling does usually occur, although it is typically minimal. You can expect for this to be an outpatient procedure, so you’re not going to have an overnight stay or anything.

You need to ask about the type of anesthesia that is going to be used. If you are told local anesthesia, that means you are going to be awake during the procedure. General anesthesia means you’re going to be asleep, and both of those options are available.

You might notice slight bruising around your eyes. Realize that what you look like afterward is going to be temporary, as your face and nose have to recover. It’s also important to note that you need to take it easy in the weeks following your surgery. You should absolutely refrain from any strenuous activity.

In about two weeks, your appearance should be back to normal, in addition to the enhancements from the surgery. Swelling can be in effect for months, but it’s not something that outsiders will notice. It’s only something you ‘may’ notice and your surgeon will be monitoring.

You’re going to want to prepare to be taken care of for the first 24 to 48 hours. Other than that, your recovery will be mostly about taking things slowly and not partaking in strenuous activities as mentioned. If you are getting this surgery for cosmetic reasons, you’re likely to find out that your health insurance isn’t going to cover even the smallest portion.

Yet if you are getting a rhinoplasty for medical reasons, you want to know what is covered by your health insurance company. Are you ready to sit down with a surgeon? If you are, be sure to write down your questions so that you’re prepared for the consultation. Check out i plano rhinoplasty dot com, because you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. You want to know exactly what to expect.