Wisdom Teeth Surgery – Preparing For Corrective Jaw Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Before getting any kind of corrective jaw surgery, most people have to undergo wisdom teeth surgery first.

In most cases, wisdom teeth need to be removed anyway, so you may have already had this done.

If not, the surgeon and orthodontist not only need the extra room for hooks and devices, but if your wisdom teeth are still coming in, they could cause crowding or movement that interferes with the rest of the process.

While I’ve heard a few cases of patients getting their wisdom teeth out at the same time as their actual facial reconstructive surgery, most people, including myself, get them taken out a few months before the jaw surgery.

You need at least a few months for your mouth to fully heal before your surgeon can perform the main operation.

I loved the fact that my maxillofacial surgeon was the same one that performed my wisdom teeth surgery, so it was kind of like a trial run for me, especially since I had never been put under before.

The surgery went great and gave me even more confidence in my orthognathic surgeon.

What To Expect With Wisdom Teeth Surgery

The morning of the surgery, my Dad drove me to the surgeon’s office. You will definitely need a ride to and from, because even if you aren’t put fully under, you will probably at least have some type of laughing gas, and you will be out of it afterward.

For my first time being put under, it was pretty uneventful. He told me to count backward from 10, and I don’t even remember getting past 9, then I woke up and it was over.

I was definitely a little out of it, but I felt fine. My cheeks were very swollen for the first week or two, and it’s important not to use a straw during that initial period either, or you risk infection of the sockets where your wisdom teeth used to be.

I followed the instructions and stayed away from straws, but my cousin didn’t and said infected sockets are a very uncomfortable and painful hassle, so please follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Once your wisdom teeth are history, your orthodontist will continue to tweak things with your braces, while you heal up.

The wisdom teeth surgery itself wasn’t a big deal at all, and other than being a little sore and swollen for a week or two, it’s a small bump in the road on the path to your new smile and bite!

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  • kyosti

    Yeah, I was also glad that the same surgeon doing my jaw surgery, also took out my wisdom teeth.

  • Yep, it’s a real help if possible, Kyosti, and your before and after pics on the forums look great!

  • kyosti

    awh shucks, thanks! lol Yeah it turned out as I expected, which is very good!

  • Yeah, I was also glad that the same surgeon doing my jaw surgery, also took out my wisdom teeth.

  • Nisa

    I also had the same surgeon for my wisdom tooth & jaw surgery, but he did it at the same time so I didn’t have to go through pain twice, and I liked that. I had three things done, wisdom tooth pulled out, moved my lower jaw forward and also chin implant. This is my 3rd week post op, still have numbness on my right chin on the same side of problem wisdom tooth and also feel tingling sensation that bother me sometimes. The pain is bearable, but the hard part is not able to eat your favorite food.

  • Congrats on 3 successful surgeries at the same time Nisa! haha

    Best of luck with the rest of recovery, you’re over the worst part now, but yes, I know how hungry you must be getting, you’ll be eating normally again in no time though!

  • Hey guys, I know that the recovery from this surgery (or any) can be less than pleasant, especially if you get a dry socket! When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I got a little cloth from the clinic with some gel packs in it. It didn’t stay cold very long and didn’t really help with the pain because I would have to get up and put it back in the freezer every 20 minutes when I needed ice. Luckily I had a friend who knew where to get a better jaw ice wrap which I purchased before my surgery and kept in the freezer for when I returned home. It helped the pain and was very efficient. I have since then started a website that sells Ice Wraps and other personal cooling solutions and the “Jaw Ice Wrap by Cool Relief” is one of our best sellers and has been one our bestsellers list on the homepage for several months! I definitely recommend it and if anyone has friends or family getting wisdom teeth out or are having any other surgery. Definitely worth the investment, stay pain free everyone!

  • Excellent article on wisdom teeth surgery. Its a difficult thing for anyone to go through. I’m helping people in my area of Greenville SC find the right oral surgeon.

  • That’s great Joe, thanks for helping people out!

  • robert orris

    am gettin braces put on and my bk wizzdun teeth out but my bottom jaw needs pullin forward abit how can u help me n will it cost much n are there any things to help my jaw go forward after my wizzdum teeth are out thanks

  • It depends on how far forward it needs to go. Less severe cases can be correct through orthodontics if there isn’t any pain or discomfort, but some cases require jaw surgery to correct, so that’s definitely something you should ask the ortho when you get the braces.

    Let us know what you find out, and good luck!

  • saad Sayeed

    Hello my name is Saad Sayeed from London I had my wisdom teeth taken out few years ago which I had to eat ice cream to make a speedy recovery. I am still waiting for my main lower jaw surgery which will happen this year. I am getting scared as the days are come closer.

  • Totally normal to be nervous Saad, I was terrified! Drop by the forums sometimes, it’s a great support group that can help answer your pre-surgery questions and relieve some of the anxiety:


  • Dr. Chip

    Hey Brandon!
    Glad to know things are still going well for you! I didn’t know you were even doing this blog, but once I found out I was impressed. I have recommended several surgical candidates visit the site for info.
    My only question is where’s the love for Dr. Chip? LOL! Hey if you’d like some of the photos we took I’d be happy to try and get them to you to add to the site.
    Take care and keep up the good work and wear that retainer!
    See you at the office whenever!
    Dr. Chip

  • Hey Dr. Chip!

    Thanks! You and Dr. Wlodawsky have props and glowing reviews from me all throughout the site, the vids, AND the forums! haha

    Sure, I’d love some of the pics to post more before and after’s, I’ll copy this message to your email so you can just reply with them there if it’s easier.

    Yep, still wearing the retainers religiously and they’ve survived several near losses, including visits to the trash can and one trip through the washer! haha

    As soon as Lauren gets her cavities fixed, we’ll be in there to see about getting Invisalign on her.

    See you soon!


    P.S. Anyone in or near Richmond/Colonial Heights looking for an ortho, Dr. Chip is your man, can’t recommend him and his team highly enough!


  • Tara baker student

    Hi brandon,

    Thanks for responding to my questions the other day, I have a few more for you.
    How did you choose your surgeon?
    Is there anything pre surgery that would have given you a reason to not have had the procedure done?

  • Hi Tara,

    I was referred to my surgeon through my orthodontist since they already knew each other and had worked together before, which I still think is an ideal situation if possible for other patients.

    I had made up my mind that I wanted to get it done, and some of the risks definitely concerned me, but didn’t stop me.

  • jimparter

    I had been suffering for two years from teeth pain diseases and i was not agree for surgery but i heard now a days many dental equipment are available and surgery is very easy then i contacted my dental surgeon. They treated me in well manner and finally i got relaxation.

  • I think if your surgeon says that wisdom teeth surgery is indispensable for achieving success later, then it’s really worth doing.

  • Very nicely you have written this.
    “He told me to count backward from 10, and I don’t even remember getting past 9, then I woke up and it was over”.

    It really works a lot.I have experienced this too.
    Especially when the patient is very nervous about surgery, this advice is generally given to them.

    But there are some very good and friendly doctors who will not let you feel nervous at all.

  • It is cold in Norway (where I live), but corrective jaw surgery is covered through social security plans and could afford ceramic braces (vs metal ones). Good article.


  • 777

    How long does the approval take for jaw surgery?

  • netsecure

    Hi brandon, I have a short question, after getting your wisdom tooth extracted, how many months did you have to wait to get the actual surgery?

  • Thanks for sharing, thanks for helping people

  • Im 27 and i recently thought about getting braces. I went to visit my ortho and he told me that i needed a to have a surgically assisted rapid palate expander. The only kind of anything i have ever had done was my wisdom teeth pulled and maybe a few stitches here and there, I’ve never even broke a bone.

  • Anytime you are doubtful about a recommendation, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion, plus you can ask others who may have been in your situation here:


  • It’s been so long now, I honestly don’t remember, but if you ask this on the forums or search there you should get a broader range of answers to give you a better average…

    Ask here:


  • It’s different for every person and every case, but you can browse the forums here to get a better idea:


  • Hail

    Last week I went to my dentist, so he could work on my upper front tooth.  It had had a root canal about 20 years ago, and it had been dark for a long time.  He opened it up and removed a lot of dark material, indicating infection from the past.

  • Hi I am having my bottom wisdom teeth removed this October/November before my main surgery next June/July to fix my over bite. I have a couple of questions: Would I be put fully under anathestic just to have them removed? I need to know that to prepare myself because of my disabilites. And How long does the swelling and pain last???
    Thanks for the answers and advice would be much appreaiated
    Chloe Cannon Xx

  • These questions are different for every person and every case so it’s impossible to give a blanket answer, but you can browse the forums to see the experience of others here:


  • Henry

    Recently I have faced this problem of wisdom teeth. My dentist removed it by surgery. One thing I must say about my wisdom teeth is pain. Those days were really painful for me.

  • The drawbacks of having your wisdom teeth removed during reconstructive surgery mostly involve a longer recovery period. I think you did the right thing by scheduling them out at separate times like you did.

  • Michael Lesson

    Wisdom tooth can cause severe pain if they are growing in wrong direction. I faced this issue, and it was a terrible experience. I visited Dr. Ratna Indah clinic for removal, and now I am fine. The surgery does not take much time, but you have to wait for 4-5 days to eat something solid in case you have swelling on your mouth.

  • Keely

    I actually got my wisdom teeth out during my jaw surgery procedure. My surgeon actually didnt even tell me he was going to have to take out my wisdom teeth so it was a bit of shock when i woke up missing four teeth! I wish i would have found this blog before my surgery because then i would have known that they were going to have to take out my wisdom teeth.

  • Jordan

    I just had all 4 things done to me a week ago. The upper ,lower, chin and wisdom teeth all done in one surgery so that was great. Only thing I can say bad about it is right after surgery I had a lot of blood in my stomach, and apparently blood and stomach acid to mix to well…. Also barfing with teeth locked together doesn’t mix well…

  • Nice Blog!! Your blog is very informative. You give great knowledge about wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth play an important role in the overall jaw surgery process.

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